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Affordable Bookkeeping Contractor


Sam Guagliardo



A very simple 3-step process that adds value to your business and regains your freedom


First Step

Get to know you and your business
Once you have made your decision to use our services, we will come and visit you just to get to know you and your business.

It allows us to understand your requirements and to give you our best fixed price (or our hourly rate) for the scope of services you require.

We make it as simple as ABC with services you can trust. We take the weight off your shoulders so that you can focus on your core business activities and regain your independence and enjoy your freedom.

2nd step

We collect your books for the period

(or if you are using an online accounting software, we will ask you to invite us to access your platform).

“Your books” should include the following:

1. cheque books and bank deposits,
2. bank statements,
3. business master cards or visa statements,
4. tax invoices you issued to the customers for the period under review, and
5. tax invoices/or receipts for all the payments (including cash) you made to suppliers/vendors for the period under review.

3rd step

We complete out the work
We deliver back to you “your books” with the completed tasks as per the scope of the services. 

Depending on your requirements, our services can be regular weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or on a periodic basis.

Please note we do NOT lodge tax returns or offer any type of financial advice. 

We can help you with our affordable bookkeeping services.

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